I greet you all to the new academic session, Summer 2018 on behalf of Skyline University College and also on my own

behalf. The subject for which we shall to be together for this fall semester is CIS-2102, i.e., Computer Skills II Along

with this CDP, the course particulars are attached and I recommend you to go through the pages very cautiously. I am

sure that it will be a reciprocally pleasing semester. The course is designed to provide business students a real-world

understanding of information systems and information systems application in business. The course imparts a firm

foundation and background needed in the field of information systems, based on which the student can study

technologies that will be introduced in later semesters. Also the course gives students the right steadiness of technical

information and real-world applications. The course also introduces the students with the essential concepts obligatory

to acceptably design and put into practice the information system. The course will prepare students to comprehend

information systems in business and will also prepare them for further study of advanced information system concepts

taught later in the semester.