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Dear Student,

“A tourist is someone who travels to see something different, and then complains when things are not the same.” Holloway, C. (1994) 

Welcome to your first course TAT 3010 – Foundation of Tourism. This course is designed in a way to not only enlighten you about certain concepts and phenomenon in tourism but also to strengthen your base in understanding other tourism subjects, in future. For a common man, tourism is just a practice of touring. However, this myopic view is not good enough for budding tourism professionals, like you. As the tourism industry is gaining new dimensions every day, the scope of creativity also broadens. The ingredients of this course revolve around the fact that tourism itself is an amalgam of many sub industries contributing to a nation’s economy enormously and at the same time having repercussions on social and natural environment. In order to better understand the course contents, I shall attempt to include variety of activities in addition to class lectures. I am sure that you will find your time here interesting and fulfilling. In order to succeed on the course you will need to have a positive attitude and have good time management skills, however you will receive all the help and support that you require. You are all, most welcome, to approach me whenever you need any assistance. I shall be available at my office during office hours as mentioned below. You are also free to call me on my phone number given below or email me. I wish you every success both during your program and for your future.

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