Advisory Committee

Advisory Committee
Dr. Jagdeep Singh

CEO,Naza Education Division,Malaysia

Dr. Choo Wou Onn Du

Dean, Faculty of IT & Science, INTI International University,Malaysia

Dr. Suman Bhattacharya

Director, KIIT,Bhubaneswar,India

Dr. Su Cheng Haw

Professor, Multimedia University, Selangor (Malaysia)

Dr. Ashraf Darwish

Professor, Helwan University, Cairo (Egypt)

Dr.Amit Banerjee

Scientist,Innovative Photonics Evolution Research Center, Japan

Dr. T.P.Singh

Professor(Computer Science),University of Petroleum and University Studies, India

Dr. Rajasvaran Logeswaran

Professor & Dean,Asia Pacific University,Malaysia

Dr. Shailendra Singh

Data Science Product Manager ,,Nokia Networks,India

Dr. Nabil Belgasmi

Professor,Banque de Tunisie (Tunisia), Tunisia

Dr. Jindong Liu

Professor,Imperial College London, United Kingdom

Dr. Saroj Meher

Professor,Indian Statistical Institute,Bangalore,India

Dr. Md. Ezaz Ahmed

Professor,Saudi Electronic University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia